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When it comes to celebrations...

It's all about the food.

Clesi's builds recipes from decades of family gatherings and the willingness to venture into exciting culinary creations!  Our meals are bold in flavor and in presentation.


It's all about the experience.

Our seasoned staff will ensure your experience is wonderful. Your guests will feel your kindness through our efforts when you leave the planning to us!

It's all about the people.

What started with one-man pop ups at local bars and eateries quickly grew into a thriving catering company, restaurant, off-site kitchen commissary and two event spaces.  


From our family to yours - we will work hard to make the most out of your next event!  

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser

"Clesi's at Bottinelli Place is developing a one-of-a-kind historical venue into an even greater cultural treasure. Everyone - locals and visitors alike - should make sure they get in on this authentic Louisiana experience that feeds the soul!" 

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